Collaborative People Planning

Achieve your business goals with faster and better people decisions

Predictive People Analytics

Anticipate attrition, hire faster & build diverse teams to achieve your business goals

Backed by the best

Manage Churn Risks

🚨 Get attrition risks warnings for your projects 🚨

Predict people at risk

Proactively monitor dozens of metrics constantly looking for potential issues

Overlay performance data

Alert when high performing employees are at risk to get ahead of it

Highlight projects at risk

Plan ahead for attrition risk to keep delivering on your projects

One source of truth for your people data

All your team’s data automatically imported, organized and up to date

Visualized insights

Performance data, resource collisions, compensation and more... on your org chart

Integrated out of the box

Automatic updates from all your HR systems

No context, No party  🎉

Make better decisions faster, with all the data

Meet your business goals

Identify people risks to business goals earlier, make faster decisions to resolve them

Powerful permissions

Keep sensitive information safe, while being able to plan & decide quickly

Centralized approvals

Approve headcount requests faster with all the info in one place

Converse and track

Who did what now? Audit trails help you keep track of changes in your teams

animated org chart

Agentnoon gives you super powers

Accomplish business goals by reducing churn and hiring faster